Intrinsically safe design consulting
Hazardous Locations Design Consulting


Good designers aren't born - they're trained. Unfortunately, on-the-job training for hazardous locations is slow and prone to errors, as designers have few sources to draw upon for accurate, relevant design advice. The result is wasted time, effort, and money caused by unnecessarily redesign and re-testing.

Spark Institute consultants can help shorten the learning curve by offering training in hazardous locations and hazardous locations design. Whether it is an introduction to hazardous locations or a detailed course in the latest design techniques, we can help get your company into the forefront quickly and cost-effectively.

Every course includes highly detailed information, including basic concepts, terminology, fundamental concepts, protection techniques, design techniques, relevant standards, and common problems and pitfalls. Detailed information on local, national, and international schemes for the certification of equipment can also be included.

We can customize our subject to any company, and at any level. We can tutor individuals, or instruct entire classrooms. The investment will pay dividends over and over for years to come.

Some of the training subjects we can instruct on include:

  • Fundamentals of Hazardous Locations
  • Fundamentals of Intrinsically Safe Design
  • Advanced Intrinsically Safe Design
  • Fundamentals of Explosion-Proof Design
  • Fundamentals of Purge/Pressurized Design

Hazardous locations training services are subject to consultant availability. Please contact us for details on when training services will be available.

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