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Flameproof Design

Explosion-proof and flameproof design is conceptually simple, but often difficult to execute. Spark Institute offers explosion-proof and flameproof consulting services to help reduce your risks.

Flameproof (or explosion-proof) design is the only protection technique designed to contain, rather than prevent, an explosion. Many designs are actually hybrid flameproof/intrinsically safe devices, combining the best of both worlds to reduce cost, size, and complexity. Flameproof devices are also used to support other types of protection, such as increased safety or purge/pressurization.

These various design techniques, however, have completely different certification requirements. Each technique alone can be difficult; combining the two can often seem daunting.

Moreover, although the terms "explosion-proof" and "flameproof" are often used interchangeably, they can be subtly different from each other - enough so that a device complying with one technique may fail the requirements for the other. Our experienced explosion-proof and flameproof consultants understand the key differences between the two.

We can also advise you on ways to test your product and manage your certifications so as to minimize your risks. For more information, please see our Certifications Management page.

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