Intrinsically safe design consulting
Hazardous Locations Design Consulting


Spark Institute provides independent consulting engineering services relating to the design and certification of electrical equipment for use in hazardous locations. Our opinions are our own and do not represent those of any certification authority, committee or agency.

We are not a certification agency and can not offer any legal certification or approval of any product, design or system for use in hazardous locations.

Certification standards vary according to national and regional law, and are subject to interpretation, periodic revision, and ratification by the duly appointed national and international authorities. Similarly, there are many different certification agencies worldwide that enforce differing interpretations and applications of the various standards, which are subject to variances due to individual interpretation, the evolving understanding of the standards, the advance of technology, and agreement, alignment, and/or consolidation between and of the various agencies.

Although we will advise you to the best of our ability, we can offer no guarantee as to the suitability of any particular design for its intended purpose, nor can we guarantee the acceptance of any concept, argument, design or product by any given certification authority at any given time. You also agree to hold Spark Institute and its principals, consultants, employees and affiliates harmless for any loss or damages, however caused, including but not limited to design error or omission, disagreement with a certifying authority, cost due to failure to achieve certification, delay or loss of time, increase in certification cost, redesign or design changes, failure of the product, system or design to perform as intended and/or failure to achieve commercial success.

By using our services, you acknowledge and agree to these terms and limitations.

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