Intrinsically safe design consulting
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Intrinsically Safe Design

The principles of intrinsically safe design have been investigated for several decades, and the advantages are clear. When compared with alternative protection techniques, intrinsic safety can result in smaller, less expensive and highly useful designs. Intrinsically safe systems can also reduce installation complexity for your clients.

However, the design of intrinsically safe products is a difficult and unusual field. It is, in fact, difficult to identify a more specialized form of engineering, and designs are becoming more and more complex. Lacking clear examples to follow, designers make mistakes.

Further, the designs are subject to intense third-party examination. The known rules - certification standards - are often vague, incomplete, or actually misleading. The margin for error is small, and shrinking every year.

Our intrinsically safe consulting services can help you reduce the risks. Our consultants have over 20 years of hands-on, practical experience in the electrical and mechanical design techniques required for intrinsically safe certification. We can help you with your intrinsically safe design challenges.

We also have the expertise to independently design virtually any intrinsically safe circuit. For more information, please see our Electrical Design page.

In many cases, our clients have already finished some electrical design work. If this is your situation, we can help you evaluate your existing designs. For more information, please see our Design Consulting page.

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