Intrinsically safe design consulting
Hazardous Locations Design Consulting


Like most types of design, hazardous locations design works best when considered at all stages of products development, from concept through to production. Without experienced designers, however, it is easy to miss items that will become difficult - or even impossible - to change in the later stages of your project.

Spark Institute offers an extensive variety of hazardous locations consulting services to help bridge this gap. This includes consulting services for intrinsically safe design, intrinsically safe systems, purge/pressurized design, explosion-proof design and others.

We can assist your current design team on an as-needed basis to help ensure your success. Our consultants have the experience necessary to find the problems before they sabotage your design efforts. Our experience can also help determine the likelihood that a product will - or will not - pass certifications testing in advance of expensive third-party verification, saving your company significant time, money and effort. Taking advantage of our hazardous locations design consulting services can save you both time and money.

Hazardous area consulting services can involve:

  • Constructional requirements
  • Spark ignition
  • Thermal ignition
  • Drop and impact
  • Non-metallic materials
  • Encapsulation and potting
  • ESD and material composition
  • Battery temperature and integrity
  • Explosion pressure
  • Hydrostatic testing

Our design expertise is too extensive to list. It includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Instrumented RCD, top drive, MWD, LWD, HPU, MGS and BOP units
  • Compressors, turbines and diesel engine power packs
  • Motors, controllers and active bearing systems
  • Industrial control panels, HMI and handheld industrial PCs
  • Pipeline telemetry, inspection and pigging equipment
  • Marine cargo oil handling, monitoring, bilge and discharge systems
  • Process instrumentation (pressure, temperature, flow, density, viscosity, oil discharge)
  • Tank level sensors, data logging and telemetry
  • GPS, asset tracking and lone worker protection devices
  • Portable and fixed industrial fire and gas detection
  • Water quality instrumentation and metering
  • SCBA, PASS, HUD and power-assisted breathing apparatus
  • Video surveillance and conferencing equipment
  • Optical flame detectors
  • Dust collection and dust filtering systems
  • Grain and storage silo monitoring

We have done many other applications in a broad variety of industries. If you do not see your industry or application listed above, don't worry - chances are we have done it.

Unlike many, we enjoy the challenges associated with hazardous locations design. To put our passion to work for you, contact us today!

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